Information for Educators and Students


Getting A Project to The Fair

School Affiliation
To participate in the Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair (GNOSEF), schools must complete the GNOSEF Affiliation Form is online. Upon affiliation, sponsors will receive access to the GNOSEF site where all paperwork is uploaded for review and approval.

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Does your project require prior approval?
Some projects require GNOSEF Scientific Review Committee (SRC) prior approval before students can begin their experimentation. Most projects involving human participants, vertebrate animals, and potentially hazardous biological agents require a review by the GNOSEF SRC. Projects involving human participants must first be reviewed by the school/institution IRB prior to submitting to GNOSEF for prior approval. GNOSEF Guidelines are slightly more stringent than ISEF guidelines as any project involving firearms must also receive prior approval. The sites below may assist with finding forms needed for the various types of projects:

Forms for GNOSEF-affiliated TEACHER USE:

Teacher Request for GNOSEF SRC Assistance

GNOSEF Mini-Grant Materials/Equipment Request

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Registering for the Fair
Affiliated schools may submit up to 3 projects per category. Each school has a limited number of team projects that may be submitted based on the number of projects registered by the school in each division (Jr and Sr).

Registered Projects

# Teams Allowed*

* each division calculated separately

All projects must have GNOSEF/ISEF required paperwork uploaded to the GNOSEF system for review and approval and must be registered in the GNOSEF database.


Project Display Restrictions

24 inches (60 cm) deep, front to back
48 inches (122 cm) wide, side to side
108 inches (274 cm) high, floor to top
Tables are 36 inches high; thus, projects can only be 72 inches high. (108″– 36″ = 72″)

Projects that exceed the above cannot be displayed at GNOSEF.

All components of the display must fit in the designated space in front of the display board. No components can be under or in front of the tables.

Other useful resources: