Materials & Equipment Request

Through the generosity of several sponsors and a partnership with the STEM Library Lab, the GNOSEF is able to offer a limited number materials & equipment requests (up to $200/project) to students to help fund materials and/or equipment to complete their research. After GNOSEF Scientific Review Committee approval, all requested materials for the 2024 GNOSEF will be provided through the STEM Library Lab, and funding will NOT be provided directly to the teacher, school, or students. The STEM Library Lab will enable students and/or teachers to borrow equipment and will also provide the consumables necessary to complete their project. All unused consumables will need to be returned to the STEM Library Lab (i.e. unused parts of kits, unused batteries, and unused chemicals). A parent and/or teacher will need to accompany the students to pick up the supplies at the STEM Library Lab. Curbside pick up is available. Interested students should complete the online form found here. Once your request is approved by the GNOSEF, instructions will be provided with directions regarding creating an account with the STEM Library Lab (if your teacher does not already have one) and acquiring your consumable and equipment request.