Important Dates and Deadlines

The 2024 Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair will be held at Tulane University on Monday, February 26th through Thursday, February 29th.                  


2023-2024 Dates and Deadlines

August 26

October 2

October 7

October 13

December 1

January 12

February 2

February 7

Feb 26-Feb 29


March 25-27, 2024

May 11-17, 2024


Teacher Workshop and Kickoff

School Affiliation Forms Due

Teacher Workshop

Submit Project for Prior Approval to SRC

All Prior Approval Paperwork SRC Requested Revisions Must be Completed

Project Registration/Document Submission Deadline

All Project Paperwork with SRC Requested Revisions Must be Completed

All Judge Review Documents are Due


Registration Deadline for State Fair

LA Science and Engineering Fair

International Science and Engr. Fair (ISEF), Los Angeles, CA

Finalists in each division (Junior and Senior) from each regional fair will be eligible to compete at the Louisiana Science and Engineering Fair in Baton Rouge at Louisiana State University (LSU) March 2024.