GNOSEF Project Registration Form

It is important to complete this form for EACH student, including those working in a team. Once projects are submitted for your school, you will receive a spreadsheet of your entries to confirm your submission.

In addition to this online registration, one file (for each project) with all required forms needs to be uploaded on with the naming convention LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_CATEGORY.pdf, where LASTNAME is the student’s last name, FIRSTNAME is the student’s first name.  GNOSEF Categories can be found herePlease submit forms in order (Abstract, Form 1, 1A with research plan, 1B, etc.) and do not submit more than one project’s documents in a file.

REGISTRATION FORMS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY JANUARY 12th, 2024 TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE 2024 GNOSEF. If you are unable to upload the required documents or have any questions regarding this form, please contact