Exhibit Restrictions

Display and Safety Regulations
Each research exhibit will be examined to ensure that it conforms to the ISEF Display and Safety regulations. Exhibits not conforming will be disqualified, and the exhibit MUST be removed.
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Photo of student holding papers in front of exhibit involving mice.Certification
Any exhibit involving vertebrate animals, human subjects, recombinant DNA, or tissue research must be certified by appropriate professionals prior to the beginning of experimentation. The ISEF Rules Wizard will ask you a series of questions about your experiment then provide a list of forms required.
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Size of the Project
Exhibit size is limited.

Animated ruler smiles and waves arms. Text reads Measure It!
  • 30 inches (76 cm) deep, front to back
  • 48 inches (122 cm) wide, side to side
  • 108 inches (274 cm) high, floor to top
    Tables are 36 inches high; thus, projects can only be 72 inches high. (108"– 36" = 72")

Display Restrictions for the GNOSEF
IMPORTANT: Additional ISEF restrictions are listed in the ISEF rules.
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Judges should not be able to tell by any part of your student's exhibit (including photographs of people) or their clothing what school they represent.  

1. No names, photographs, or identifying features including school logos, school names, or any other identifiable clothing, etc., will be allowed on exhibit or accompanying materials.

2. Brand names of products must not be used in referring to products tested.  Use numbers or letters to represent the various brands.

Drawing of tornado. Text reads No wind tunnels!3. Tornado models (wind tunnels) will not be permitted.

4. All photographs must denote proper credit to the photographer.

5. Exhibitors (Senior Division) should not wear school uniforms or school IDs once judging begins.

Extension Cords
Exhibitors are expected to furnish their own 9-foot grounded electrical extension cord(s).

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