Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair: Region IX of Louisiana


The Patrick F. Taylor Grants awarded at the 2018 GNOSEF may be used for math and science materials or for math and science related field trips. Expenditures need to be approved by the GNOSEF Fair Director and a School Administrator as indicated on this online form. Disbursement will be provided by reimbursing receipts for approved expenditures up to a maximum amount determined by the number of winners announced at the fair.. Approval may be requested by completing this online form. Note that these grants are for expenditures incurred between February 2018 (date grants awarded) and February 2019 (end-date of the next GNOSEF).


1. Submit this online request for approval of expenditures. Past expenses (within the stated time interval above) may be submitted; however it is strongly recommended that approval be obtained prior to spending the money to assure that it is an allowable expense.

2. Scan all receipts into a single pdf file and email to


Approval will be sent via email to you and your school administrator. Upon receiving a pdf of authorized receipts, a check will be made payable to the school and mailed.  Questions may be addressed to Annette Oertling, Ph.D. or Michelle Sanchez, Ph.D. GNOSEF Fair Directors at


Name of Person Requesting Disbursement: 
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Phone Number:  format: 504-123-4567
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Number of Students Involved (Impacted):

Description of Request:

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Itemized Costs (grouped - see note below):

Items may be combined and described here as a group (ie. "science lab supplies" or "science field trip"), as long as they are itemized in detail on the receipts that are provided.. 
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By submitting this request, I attest that the funds will be used for math and science materials or for math and science related field trips. I also attest that I have informed my school administrator (principal or department chair).

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A GNOSEF check will be made payable to your school and mailed to your school address.  If you have alternate instructions, please specify here.

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