Safety Guidelines

Everyone involved in GNOSEF should review the following list.

  1. Alertness on the part of all concerned is the best for the prevention of accidents.
  2. Neither GNOSEF, Inc. nor the cooperating groups assume responsibility for loss or damage to property displayed, although care will be provided for the protection of each exhibit.
  3. Exhibits must comply with the ISEF Display and Safety Regulations contained in the ISEF Rules and Guidlines (ISEF website). Once the project is set - up, each student must remain at the project until it is checked by the Safety Committee.
  4. Each contestant must take adequate precautionary steps for his/her own safety, the safety of other contestants, and those who will be viewing and judging the exhibits. Each contestant is also required to discuss the safety of the experiment with his/her responsible instructor prior to the exhibit date and to review the layout with his/her instructor or representative after it is placed on the exhibit table.
  5. In the event an accident does occur, first aid treatment will be available at the Student Health Service Office in the University Center. An adequate number of fire extinguishers will be available in the general area of the exhibits.
  6. All contestants should realize the importance and objectives of this Fair. Orderly conduct is expected from all contestants.
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